About project

Biała Podlaska County received funding worth 1 729 400 zł on the realization of project ‘The ‘Together for Heart’ programme of prevention and health promotion designed to reduce cardiovascular disease morbidity and mortality in residents of Biała Podlaska County ’. The project is funded 100% by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the state budget (Ministry of Health).

According to the done analysis the area of ​​cardiovascular disease has been recognized as a priority from the point of view of the health needs of residents. The aim of the planned project activities is to raise awareness of the county’s inhabitants and to improve access to specialized medical care. Reaching the target will contribute to reducing morbidity and mortality (improvement in mortality compared to the average in the country) for diseases related to lifestyle.

The project will be carried out preventive program among a select group of 2 500 people aged 40-60 years at high risk for early detection of cardiovascular diseases. The prevention will be carried out by doing by family nurses direct selection (based on surveys and studies – measuring pressure, sugar levels in the house of participants of the research) among 8.000 county residents aged 40-60. Of these, approximately 2.500 people will be qualified and scheduled to receive a comprehensive specialized medical examinations for early detection of cardiovascular disease in the in-depth stage, which will be implemented in the following order:

1) The blood and urine sample taken and the transfer of material for biochemical studies, the so-called cardiology package, ie. morphology 3 DIFF, urine – basis examination, ESR, glucose, uric acid, cholesterol HDL, cholesterol LDL, triglycerides, creatinine, urea, electrolytes (sodium, potassium), AST, ALT,

2) The chest X-ray,

3) ECG,

4) Echocardiography,

5) medical advice from cardiologist.

During examinations in cardiology surgery the doctor will comprehensively assess the health status of the project recipients. Then the doctor will decide on recommendations, and/or treatment.

These preventive services will be especially addressed to people who does not have medical intervention connected with cardiovascular system, people with low social status and material problems, and people with certain combinations of risk factors. As part of prevention will also be conducted surveys and study during meetings in the context of health promotion in educational establishments. The results of surveys and research, both adults and children and youth will be developed and communicated to stakeholders through publications of the project for the evaluation and planning of future activities in this area.

During the project will be carried out a number of activities within the framework of health promotion addressed to all county residents with special emphasis on children and youth, including:

  • health education of children and youth from kindergarten to secondary schools (visit a nutritionist and a school nurse responsible for conducting research towards obesity in children).
  • direct meetings with program participants in their homes and their health education,
  • contests about health for children and young people,
  • organizing of 4 family health picnics, during which will be promoted physical activity,
  • organizing of 4 running events promote physical activity under the slogan ‘RUN FOR HEALTH’
  • organizing of training sessions for family nurses and family doctors on the health situation in the district and their role in disease prevention.
  • distribution of printed educational materials, a series of sponsored articles of health,
  • 3 press conferences.

The aim of all these activities is to raise awareness of citizens by making them aware of the risk factors and give them a knowledge how to reduce them and also to persuade them to control their health. The results of surveys conducted among children and youth will be publish and widely distributed.

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